What is diabetes type-2

What is Diabetes Type 2: Causes and cure

Many people often wonder what is type 2 diabetes? As the name tells it is a type of one of the deadliest and most prevalent disease on the planet. It is a disease in which the blood glucose levels rise. Here is a detail about this disease, what causes it and how it can be cured.

What is diabetes type-2?

Here is the answer to the question what is type 2 diabetes. The Type-2 diabetes is when the body does not make the required amount of insulin to control the blood sugar levels or the insulin that it produces does not function properly. The insulin which does not work properly is a dangerous situation than the less insulin production. When this happen the blood glucose levels rise. Most of the people i.e. 90% who have diabetes have type-2 diabetes.

Cause of diabetes 2?

There are many things that contribute to the diabetes type-2. The insulin which is produced by the body is utilized by the liver cells, muscles, fat and protein in the body to convert the sugar in them into energy. When these parts of the body do not utilize the insulin properly, type-2 diabetes occurs. It is, however, less in strength than the type-1. However, it is not easy to detect the disease as the symptoms arise in later stages if the disease. The reason for this is that it is not the strong form of diabetes. The people who are overweight are affected by this type of diabetes more than the people who are slim. This type of diabetes can be cured by medication and also natural food items.

Symptoms of diabetes type-2

  • Slow-healing: The most obvious symptom of type-2 diabetes is slow healing. The person who experiences cuts and bruises often observes that these small cuts even take days and days to heal. In many cases, the cuts and other major injuries do not even heal. This type of diabetes resists the infections.
  • Darkened skin: Not all, but a few patients who have diabetes type-2 experience dark spots and patches on the skin.

Other symptoms that are also common in another type of diabetes along with type 2 increase in hunger and more urination. There is a huge amount of weight loss. The person with diabetes often feels tired and cannot walk or job more than a few yards. There may also be some pain in urination.

Natural cure for Diabetes Type-2

There are a few specific food items that cure the diabetes type-2. Besides the fibrous foods or sour food items, the foods that are rich in chromium are good for this type of diabetes. The patients who are diagnosed with type-2 should include food such as cheese or beans in their diet.

Taking proper medication align with lean meat such as fish can help cure this type of diabetes. The patients should also try and stop eating oily or fried food items. Eating vegetables such as spinach or bitter gourd will treat the disease quickly.

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